We help your business get where it wants to be safely. We specialise in working with NZ financial advisers who wish to operate under their own licence. Each independently owned financial advice business is different and reflects the vision of its owner and clients' needs. We provide a highly bespoke service as each client of ours is unique and we are always mindful that your processes and style become your intellectual property. What we help you build becomes your future capital value. Our role is to get you there safely and get out of your way.

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Compliance Assurance Program

As a licensed FAP you need to have a process that gives the regulator some assurance that your practice is doing what it said it would do when it was given a licence. It’s pretty hard to get away with “I checked on myself and decided that I was doing a great job of managing myself…”.  You need a bit more than that.  We will put together a regular compliance support program that checks and tests that there is no gap between how you actually operate and what you said your standards are, and will also keep you up to speed with everything you need to know to stay compliant, and make sure all those irksome registrations and filings and reporting requirements are done on time. Oh; and we will give you regular tips, resources and tools that can help you actually build your business too

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FAP Readiness Audit

Not sure if you are good to go and apply for your full licence? Or worse, you know you are not ready? With this service we run a check on everything you need to have to be ready to apply for full licencing, and if you don’t have it we will help you put in place what it is that you need. And we do that at a firm price too…so the meter is not continually running, no matter how long the process takes the price is firm.  Call us to find out more.

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Compliant Advice Sales Process

When it comes to giving compliance advice you want to make sure you know that what you're doing ticks everyone’s boxes. We guide you and provide you with the information you need to stick to your successful advisory process, but fill in any gaps to bring it up to “best practice” level if needed.

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Personalised Compliance Assistance

We are always happy to provide unique and personalised services, so if you have a particular need that doesn’t quite fit the norm then give us a call for a no-obligation confidential chat and we’ll see how we might be able to help. We always will provide a firm estimate once we know the scope, and before anyone is committed to doing anything.

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Hear what our clients have to say

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony over the last 12 months. He was initially engaged to help me through the FAP licensing process and given how smoothly that went I have kept him on as my Compliance Assurance Program manager. Tony has made the whole process incredibly easy and engaging which ultimately gives me confidence in what my business is doing and allows me more time to focus on my business. Whilst I am an experienced Financial Adviser, I am relatively new to running a business. Not only has Tony offered all the compliance support, he has also been hugely supportive with business mentoring. He has a huge wealth of knowledge and is very generous with sharing it. I highly recommend Tony for any Adviser business looking for a comprehensive yet streamlined Compliance Program.

James McIntosh

Financial Adviser, Out East Insurance Solutions

Engaging with Strictly Business to have an independent audit of our business done was by far the best decision I made to ensure I was compliant and following best practice in all areas of our business. Tony was thorough and easy to work with, asking questions, providing advice and encouraging me to apply for my full FAP license.

Sarah Hunger

Managing Director, Cura Advisers Ltd

Tony is an absolute professional, who is very relatable, clear with his communication, and has a warm manner in which he conducts all interactions. He has provided much needed tools, assistance and guidance in aiding me to prepare for my company's FAP license. We are very happy we decided to use Strictly Business, as this has really saved us a lot of stress, confusion and worry with the new regime. It’s really nice having someone with Tony’s calibre of experience you can call on.

Thank you Tony for all your work in preparing me for full FAP status. You kept me on point throughout the process and at the same time clarified areas where my information was lacking. Because of this professional relationship, I feel confident in moving from having a transitional FAP licence to being fully accredited. I really believe that you have extended my career and I am indebted for that.

Tony Gill

Director, Gill and Co (1999) Ltd

Tony's industry knowledge and experience has been invaluable for my business whether it be requiring some feedback on a potential application right through to reviewing my advice process. In more recent times Tony has completed a full audit on my business which has given me the confidence to push forward into the new regime. I would highly recommend working with Tony and have already passed his details onto many other advisors.

Scott McRobie

Relationship Manager, Custom Financial Solutions

Tony was instrumental in us meeting our requirements in an efficient and timely manner and was quick to answer questions and solve any uncertainty we had surrounding our possible shortfalls. He not only provided guidance but was also willing to give document templates together with advice on the best way to structure our processes.
We will continue to work with Tony each year to ensure we are always at the top of our game. His knowledge to us is extremely valuable.

Darren Cornforth

Director & Financial Adviser, TBM Insurance Limited

Strictly Business’s compliance support has helped me tremendously in identifying and addressing gaps in my FAP readiness process which has saved me considerable time and effort. Having Tony’s expertise and guidance has provided me with the confidence and peace of mind knowing  that my business will  be ready to meet the FAP full license criteria.  I would highly recommend Strictly Business’s services to any other adviser firm.

James Gray

Director & Financial Adviser, Liberty Life New Zealand

In my entire life as an adviser I have very rarely come across someone like Tony Vidler and his team. Therefore I will try to mention a few below in bullet points about Tony Vidler, Strictly Business and his team.
· Astute, very responsive, very helpful, to the point, honest and straightforward, Affordable
· Knowledgeable about the industry and rules and regulations
· Keeps you posted about the changes
· Big advocate for the industry, advisers and about doing the "Right Thing" for all parties
· Great team of people working together

David Chakravarty

Director/Financial Adviser, Premium Finance

Any other areas that concern you we can generally help you with or point in you in a better direction if need be - with our compliments!  We are not afraid to refer onwards to better placed professionals where that is the right thing to do.

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